Those Indelible Moments Of Parenting

Last night, I was a guest on Allison B. Levine and Julia Dudek’s BlogTalkRadio show Petting Unicorns, where we chatted about humor writing, parenting, magazines and how my blog got its crazy name. These two wonderful hosts were so gracious, they even asked me to read my favorite essay, Cougar Love, about my then 5-year-old son’s first big time crush on an “older woman” of 11 … and the inevitable heartbreak that followed. (Cue up to 35:00 to hear me read.)

Reading the essay again, reminded me how heartbroken I was for my baby when he realized he wasn’t gonna get the girl. That moment, cradling my son as he cried, will stay with me forever … just as the moments of his first steps, first words, first day of nursery school, first splash in the ocean will.

Care to share the parenting moments that stand out for you? I’d love to hear.

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  1. Norine,
    I posted this on facebook on mother’s day. But one of my more precious memories occurred about five years in a row on mothers’ day. With a 6 year ald and two year old twins, I asked for the same thing each year: to be able to sleep until I opened my eyes under my own power. On Mother’s day morning, about 8:30, (when they couldn’t contain themselves any longer), I would hear six feet pad (sort of) down the hall and my bedroom door would creak open. Three pairs of blue eyes would peek in. They would then turn to the direction of the kitchen and say, “SHE’S STILL SLEEPING DADDY!”

    A precious memory indeed.

  2. Priceless! I would LOVE to sleep in till I woke up on my own. Hard to do when you co-sleep. Now that my son knows how to turn on the TV himself, I settle for being allowed to go back to sleep while he watches Dr. Who reruns (or Pokemon … we’re big into Pokemon right now).

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